After a prolonged absence from the blog, due to the business taking off massively, we’re back and committed to providing more regular updates, news and tips on how to make the most of your presence on the Internet. First off, we wanted to look at something we see, and get asked about a lot when we’re talking to new clients – Google penalties.

Unless you have some experience with SEO, you might think that the reason your site isn’t ranking as well as it should (or used to), is because it simply needs more SEO. The reality may be the opposite in fact, and the SEO you’ve been doing (or had done), could actually be the reason why your site’s rankings and traffic have fallen – and more of it could make things worse! If your site has been penalised, for whatever reason, it’s essential to take the appropriate remedial action, to get out from under the penalty before you move one and do any more SEO. Even if you up your game and drastically improve the quality of your SEO going forward, without sorting out the issues that have caused your site penalty, even the best SEO is unlikely to have the impact it should if your site was ‘healthy’.

Some site owners might have heard of penalties, but don’t have the information to recognise which penalty has been applied to their site, or more importantly, what they need to do to have the penalty removed. Luckily, have come up with a simple, straightforward guide to the different Google penalties, what they look like, and the kind of tactics that will help you get your site back on the straight and narrow. Simply click on the image below for all the information you need on identifying and fixing the latest Google penalties


If you’ve established that your site is ‘penalty-free’, but you’re still not getting the rankings and traffic your business needs, simply fill out our enquiry form, and we’ll get back in touch to discuss how our SEO services could help.

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