Monthly SEO Packages 2024

As one of the leading SEO agencies in the UK, we have used our years of experience of delivering successful organic ranking campaigns to create a range of effective SEO packages for businesses.


At the Grapefruit, we know that every SEO project is different. Having said that, we also know that the fundamental techniques for ranking well in the search engines are the same across different sectors, types and sizes of websites.

Our understanding of these techniques, and experience of applying them to the variety of projects we work on each year, has enabled us to develop an approach that achieves our clients’ goals, however ambitious these might be.

We’ve now taken this expertise and knowledge of what ranks websites and helps them get more traffic and customers, and created a range of SEO packages that offer the most effective opportunity for businesses to rank their website, whatever the challenge they face.

By choosing one of our new packages you can be sure that you’re investing in Search Engine Optimisation that has worked time and time again, without the headache of comparing the offerings from dozens of different providers. We’ve done the hard work for you, with each of our packages providing you with the following benefits.

Solving The Puzzle

With the variety of ever-changing factors Google considers in order to determine which sites rank well in the search results, it can be difficult to understand what sort of SEO campaign would bring you the best result. Our packages solve this puzzle for you and offer the best SEO project for the market you’re in and the objectives you want to achieve.

Putting You On The Map

Ranking well in the search results is all about being found – you want potential customers searching for your product or service to find your website. Whether you’re market is small and local and need to appear in the ‘map pack’, or your customers are nationwide or even global, we have a choice of SEO packages that will put your website on the map.

SEO Services That Work

You’re the best person to be running your business, and that’s where you’re focus should be, not constantly wondering if the Search Engine Optimisation you’ve invested in is actually working. With our choice of packages, we can offer SEO that’s been shown to be effective and deliver results across different sectors, platforms and business scales.

Why CHOOSE Our SEO Packages?

Every SEO campaign we have undertaken to date has focused on the core elements that are key to successfully achieving a project’s objectives. Our SEO Packages have been built with these core elements at their heart to ensure they will also help our client’s to achieve their online goals.


Most websites are based on frameworks like WordPress, Wix or some other platform. These are the engine of your site, and just like any other engine, they perform best when they’re well-tuned. Google has made it known that a wide variety of technical factors can impact rankings, so we make sure your website gets the tune-up it needs.


So they can display the most relevant pages for a user’s search query, Google needs to understand what searches the content on your web pages is relevant for. This is not just about matching target keywords, but also about understanding search intent and our packages help make sure your pages contain exactly what Google is looking for.

Backlink Profile

With your website in optimal condition, it’s time to turn your attention to the websites that link to it. Our packages focus on developing a backlink profile that contains the right mix of good quality, relevant backlinks from sources that will give your site the authority and credibility you need in order to rank well, especially in competitive markets.


For many local businesses, the traffic they receive from the Google ‘map pack’ can be as much as, if not more than their traffic from the organic search results. This is where the focus of our Local package can be beneficial, with optimisation that helps to improve the organic rankings while also delivering those essential map pack rankings.
Our packages balance the right mix of these core elements to provide you with an SEO project that is focused on achieving whatever objectives you have for your website.

Our MONTHLY SEO Packages

Our new packages offer the majority of business the kind of ongoing, month-to-month SEO project that will help them achieve better rankings and gain more traffic.

From our one-off Foundation package to give new sites the start they need, or established sites that have lost their way a bit of a reboot, to a choice of three monthly SEO packages depending on your market and where you're customers are likely to come from, each has been designed to deliver the most effective SEO elements for the challenges your website faces.

We believe these packages offer the majority of businesses the Search Engine Optimisation they need to get more customers online.

But for websites in more competitive sectors, International markets or with challenging objectives, our custom package option offers the opportunity to have a bespoke, effective SEO project created to achieve these more demanding online goals.


We’re confident that whichever package is right for your business, you will see the kind of results that our previous and existing clients have seen. Below are some screenshots from our most recent Case Study showing the results one such client was able to achieve using our Local SEO package.
These screenshots show just how effective the right kind of SEO can be in achieving a project’s objectives. The client in this Case Study had tasked us with achieving a top 3 ranking for their main terms within 12 months. Within 2 months of starting, they were already ranking in the map pack. Within 10 months they were number 1 for their main search term – and number 1 for two other, more competitive terms as well.

This proven approach delivered by our Local SEO package has seen their traffic and leads increase, and also made them a much more credible and visible business within their market.

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