What is Google Map Pack & Why It’s Important

What is Google Map Pack & Why It's Important Image: Infographic displaying Google Map Pack on a phone (Source) Have you tried different strategies, but none seems to improve your web presence? You are not alone. You see, today’s digital landscape is fiercely...

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Basic On-page Optimisation Tips

It’s not easy to keep up with Google. It seems like they’re always changing what’s required to get the kind of rankings your business needs. And, while you might still be trying to measure the impact of their latest update, which put a lot more emphasis on the...

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Create Custom Meta Titles

Optimise Your Meta Titles for Search Engines & Site Visitors The main heading you see for your search listing more often than not comes from the meta title of the page that appears in the results. For a lot of websites, this will usually be the title of the page...

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