We’re always keen to showcase recent work for our clients but, in what is a bit of a departure from our usual case studies about SEO, we wanted to instead focus on how we’ve been able to drastically improve the content of a client’s site, with the introduction of some custom video presentations.

Adding rich media to a site is not completely unconnected to SEO, as most of us know that, with the growing number of Internet users happier digesting information in the form of video and other rich media, it’s no surprise that pages with videos, images, infographics etc. can do better in the search results, everything else being equal.

With video being such a positive for site users and the search engines, it’s really a no-brainer to include it where you can on your web pages – but taking the time to plan, script, find images for, and create your video can be a time-consuming task.

There are plenty of platforms and tools that can help with the process, but a good online video editor is one that offers everything you need to quickly and easily create videos for your site/brand.

With a few images and some basic copy, we were able to create a professional-looking promotional video for our client, The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia.

They were looking for a more eye-catching way of showcasing the unique benefits of their Royal Titles, and using the video creation platform we were able to present the previously pretty ‘flat’ product images in a much more engaging way, and using the various assets available on the platform meant that it was totally in keeping with the client’s brand.

The gift market is a significant opportunity for this client, and to present the features and benefits of purchasing a Royal Title as a gift in a more attractive way that would pique people’s interest, a video was just the marketing tool the client needed.

With the resources available, we were able to complete these videos in a matter of hours, but achieve a look that looks like it would have taken a lot longer and creates a more sophisticated appearance across the client’s whole site.

We’ll be looking to create more videos to help our other clients enhance their content and with the benefits that come from using video more, for the minimal effort required to create them using the leading platforms, there’s really no excuse for not adding more videos to your own site or any of your other marketing channels.

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