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Have you tried different strategies, but none seems to improve your web presence?

You are not alone.

You see, today’s digital landscape is fiercely competitive. From large enterprises to small startups, every company wants to stand out in the crowded online space.

But then, the competitive advantage lies with the businesses that have secured a top spot on search engines. According to statistics, 98% of consumers sought information concerning local businesses online in 2022. Lack of exposure denies businesses opportunities to thrive.

Sadly, many companies never get to achieve visibility.

But that should not worry you. You can leverage the power of Google Map Pack to take your business to greater heights. Apart from helping you enhance your visibility for the local community, it will also boost your phone and foot traffic. In this article, we explore what Google Map Pack is and how it can benefit your business. The Google Local Map Pack, another name for the Google Map Pack, showcases the top-ranking local listings for a specific location and provides details such as geographic location, contact information, hours, and navigation options through Google Maps.

Let’s delve in.

Understanding Google Map Pack

Google Map Pack is one of the features found on Google search engine results. It is a set showcasing the top three search results that normally appear when a user carries out a search for local businesses. This feature is also known as the Google Local Map Pack.

For instance, if you are looking for a nearby restaurant and you type “restaurant near me” on Google, you’ll see a map at the top of the search results. The map should have three listings of restaurants near that area. Here, google algorithms play an important role in deciding which businesses should appear in the search results. The Google Local Pack is crucial in local search results as it helps users find relevant businesses quickly and provides concise information about them.

Google Map Pack displays the following:

  • A visual map that clearly shows users where to find your business. The map usually has a marker that hovers over the relevant businesses on the map.
  • It also displays your business’s name, physical address, website link and phone number. Users find it easier to connect with companies whose business listings have basic contact information.
  • A map park also has specific information about the industry your business is in and your duration for operation. That allows potential customers to gauge the level of experience you may have in that field.
  • Reviews and ratings are also part of the information users find on Google Map Pack. A well-detailed positive review can go a long way in assuring a customer that your product /services are authentic.
  • Users also find information on what to expect in terms of prices. They also see product images and photos taken inside the building, creating a full picture of what to expect.
  • Hours of operation are also included as they guide users on when to buy products/services from a business. This information is important as it increases the likelihood of a browser doing business with you.

Why is Google Map Pack Important?

Research shows that 46% of Google searches seek information about local businesses. That means, not optimizing your business to appear on Google’s local search results could result in missing out on significant traffic.

So why is it important for your business to be among the three local businesses presented by the Google search engine results page (SERPS)?

It Increases Your Business’s  Visibility

Google Map Pack makes locating and engaging with your business easy for potential customers within your area by featuring local business listings.

Given that internet users have a short attention span, the Map Pack highlights your business as one of the most relevant, ensuring it catches their attention quickly. When your business appears on the first page of Google, you attract customers who are actively looking for the products or services you offer. Since you have showcased your contacts and physical location, potential customers can make calls or in-store visits.

It Enhances Trust and Credibility

49% of consumers prefer doing business with brands that have a local presence. They believe in the credibility and legitimacy showcased in their profiles. Including your business name in the Google Map Pack enhances credibility and shows potential customers you have nothing to hide. Lack of authenticity in online business has created mistrust, where people no longer trust marketing messages blindly.

It Gives You Social Proof

Ranking high in google map pack rankings gives you an opportunity to display customer reviews and star ratings. Some users do not rush to engage in business just because they have seen a company ranking high on Google. Instead, they take time to look into the business. Carefully reading the reviews allows keen buyers to know the experiences other customers have had interacting with your products.

It Boosts Website Traffic

We live in an era where customers appreciate visual representation. The good thing is that Google Maps Pack allows businesses to showcase their products and services in search engine results pages. Potential customers can have a sneak peek of what you offer in your business with a few clicks. Sometimes, a buyer may not be able to visit your store for one reason or another.

In that case, you should link your website to the platform to allow such users to explore your business further. That way, your website traffic increases and so does your revenue.

It Influences Buying Decisions 

Most of the local searches done, especially through mobile phones, end in direct purchases from local businesses. After searching for local businesses, these users are more likely to make their purchases before the next 24 hours are over. The map pack has a click-to-call feature that allows customers to call businesses with one click. Most of these calls usually translate to more sales.

How to Get Featured on Google Map Pack Results with Google Business Profile

Here are the steps to follow for your business to appear on the local search results.

Image: Phone displaying Google Map search results for a butcher

Image: Phone displaying Google Map search results for a butcher

  • Create your Google Business Profile and validate it. Ensure it has valid business information, including details like the company name, phone number, physical address, and website. Google Business Profile optimization is crucial for appearing reputable and easy-to-access.
  • Optimize your business profile: Add graphics such as videos and images. Create a company description that effectively illustrates what your company offers. Include the reviews of happy clients, too.
  • Provide accurate information: Ensure that details like your company name, phone number, address, working hours, and website are always up to date.
  • Apply SEO tactics: Improve the search engine ranking of your website through link building, keyword optimization, etc. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date details in your profile is essential for better google map pack rankings.

Are you ready to have your business featured on Google Map pack?

Given that most local searches are highly likely to translate to conversions, it is important to take advantage of Google Map Pack. Make efforts to ensure that your local community knows about your business. Creating a Google business profile and optimizing it are part of the strategies you need for your business to be among the top three. Google Business Profile optimization is a key strategy for ranking higher in the Google Map Pack.

You must also remember that optimizing your profile is not enough. Treat your customers right. Keep in mind that every customer is unique, so some extra effort in your interactions will go a long way in ensuring they come back. Finally, always encourage your customers to leave reviews. Those are not just opinions. They are important as they will help you recognize and maximize your strengths even as you improve on your weaknesses.

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