Social Media Marketing Campaign and SEO Strategies

Are you looking for ways to hone your SEO strategy? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool for any business’s digital marketing strategy. A well-crafted SEO campaign can lead to higher Google rankings. Higher rankings for popular searches can increase web traffic and promote brand visibility. Implementing a clever SEO campaign is one thing, however. Doing everything you can to leverage your SEO efforts in other ways is another.

You can improve your SEO performance in a variety of ways. At the top of this list is launching a social media marketing campaign. A lot of business owners are sceptical of the relationship between SEO and social media marketing. This relationship can nonetheless be your key to success! In this post, we will take a close look at how you can merge your SEO efforts with social media for optimum results.

The Social Media Marketing Campaign

Before we explore the role social media plays in boosting SEO campaign performance, it is important to discuss social media marketing itself. You may be wondering how social media can be used as a digital marketing tool. Perhaps you have used Facebook in the past to advertise for your company but remain unsure about launching a holistic campaign. 

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the preferred form of advertising for most businesses. More consumers are turning to the internet rather than other channels to make purchases, engage in social networks and explore new ideas. Accordingly, some competitive businesses are moving fully online when it comes to marketing. They take advantage of every possible digital platform when leveraging advertising efforts.

At the top of this list of digital platforms is your website itself. But social media platforms create a close second. Social media is not dying. In fact, it is another potent channel through which you can market your website, products, and other platforms. A social media marketing campaign turns your Instagram or Twitter platform into a marketing tool and more. Let’s look at what goes into a solid social media marketing campaign.

1. Clear and Actionable Outcomes

Like any marketing strategy, a successful social media marketing campaign drives toward a clear and actionable outcome. A campaign that takes a more aimless approach is less likely to be effective in the long run. Simply ‘getting the word out’ may be one thing, but your conversion rates may suffer as a result.

Social media is an immense platform that unites individuals from all over the globe. Because it is an unpredictable marketplace, it is important to set up tangible goals when advertising. It is key to also make these goals reasonable. You may even want to choose small goals to start. For example, a typical social media marketing campaign may launch with the intent of getting 1,000 more email subscribers. It may have the goal of receiving 500 new Twitter followers.

2. A Target Audience

Because social media platforms unite vast audiences, an effective social media marketing campaign will attempt to reach a very specific part of that audience. In fact, successful campaigns often target niche markets. Niche markets are highly specific markets. They often require marketers to be much more personal in their advertising. Consumers respond best to advertising that is directed to them individually. Personalised, transparent marketing can impact your conversion rates for the better.

A lot of marketers may feel intimidated by platforms like Facebook. After all, how do you know who is viewing your posts? Establishing a target audience from the get-go can actually drive any social media marketing campaign. Knowing who to reach and how is essential.

3. Relevant Content

A powerful social media marketing campaign will push forth the right content. This is where content marketing and social media go hand in hand. As we discussed above, consumers are picky about the ads they choose to acknowledge. They may be wary of rote sales pitches. They hunger for marketing that reaches them on a personal level. Producing content that can engage with consumers in this way can transform any social media marketing effort. 

Relevant content is engaging. But it can also be intriguing, humorous, or educational. Social media enables you to explore a variety of content forms. Live video, for example, helps companies directly reach consumers in real time. Investigate Facebook Live to learn more. Social media can give you a daily opportunity to push forth content that can bring customers to your website and guide them to conversion.

SEO and Social Media

What does SEO have to do with your social media marketing campaign? It has everything to do with your campaign. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another digital marketing tool that businesses can and must utilise. SEO makes the most of the fact that a lot of users are finding businesses and other information by using search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. 

When users search for a product or business, they simply type in a few words that capture the gist of what they are seeking. When the search results appear, they will be more likely to browse the listings at the top of the first page. This is because Google considers first page listings as more authoritative, given how well they match the user’s search. As you can imagine, these higher rankings are exactly what businesses crave when it comes to online visibility.

SEO can help businesses earn higher rankings, increase brand visibility and acquire more organic traffic. As a result, they may get the sales rates and growth they desire. To implement SEO, a business simply has to optimise its online content for trending searchable keywords and phrases. SEO strategies are built around these fundamental principles and more. Now it is time to consider how social media marketing can be an important part of your SEO strategising.

1. You Can Optimise Social Media Posts

A lot of business owners do not realise that keyword integration also applies to any content posted on social media. No matter how short your post is on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you can optimise it for popular keywords. What is more, you can optimise images and video content!

Optimising social media posts enables you to address your target audience more effectively. For example, if you compose a post around the keyword “meditation and motherhood,” you will be immediately reaching a niche market (meditating mothers).

Furthermore, any users searching for these keywords in Google may stumble across your social media posts. Unlike the pages on your website, which are static, you can generate new Facebook posts all the time. This means a chance to engage with your target audience on a daily basis.

2. Earn Higher Google Authority

Google gives the highest ranking to websites that clearly demonstrate their authority in a certain field. It loves sites that are well-designed, professional and optimised for mobile use. It also prioritises sites with valuable content and those with seamless SEO. But beyond all of this, Google is more likely to trust sites that have powerful presences on multiple digital platforms.

A solid social media marketing campaign requires you to promote valuable content to be successful. It also requires you to be active and engaged with your customers. If you optimise your social media content for keywords, Google will be your number-one adoring fan.

3. Leverage Your Blog

A blog can be a fantastic link between social media campaigns and your SEO strategies. In fact, blog posts can be part of both marketing efforts. Many businesses use blogs specifically for SEO campaigns. This is because blogs give them a chance to provide consistent, valuable content to consumers. This content can subsequently be optimised for distinct keywords.

However, any blog post can and should be shared on social media. These shares can be optimised for their own keywords in addition to the optimised blog content. The same goes for any other web content you would like to share across social media platforms.

Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign

At this point, you may feel ready to launch your next social media marketing campaign with SEO in mind! As you prepare to do so, make sure you keep a few tips in mind.

Make Sure Your Website is In Order

Your website is the mothership of your SEO and social media marketing efforts. Make sure that it is optimised for both before you launch your strategies.

An authoritative website is easy to navigate and responsively designed. Every web page should be distinct in its content. That content should be skimmable, easy to read and relevant. Your site should also include obvious links to all social media profiles.

…And Your Social Media Profiles

Speaking of those profiles, make sure they are fully fleshed out before you launch any social media marketing campaign. Fill in all relevant information, engage messaging capabilities and stay active on all platforms.

Do Your Keyword Research

This is a central tenet when it comes to merging the power of SEO and social media. Research your keywords well and often. You may want to check out Google’s Keyword Planner for this. You can also track SEO performance through tools like Google Analytics.

Well-chosen keywords can make or break your SEO and social media efforts.

Final Thoughts

If you are eager to harness the great power of SEO, do not forget about social media. The two go hand in hand when it comes to giving you effective and easy digital marketing. It can be confusing navigating SEO and social media. You may feel as if you just do not have enough time to launch effective campaigns on either end. We are here to help, and we could not be more excited about doing so. We can put you on the map with SEO services that work.

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