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As a leading Manchester SEO company, we offer the digital marketing & SEO services Manchester businesses need to get more customers online.

The SEO Manchester Businesses Need

These days, when people are looking for the products and services they want to buy, most of them are using search engines like Google – in fact, if you landed on this page it’s probably because you’re looking for an SEO service in Manchester, and you went to Google and typed in ‘Manchester SEO services’. You therefore need to make sure that your site is as near to the top of the search engine rankings as possible if you have an online business or market your company online. Did you know:


of searchers only check the first page of results


of searchers only check the first 5 search results


of traffic goes to the top page in the search rankings

(Source – Moz)

Search Engine Optimisation is a vital element of any marketing plan you carry out. It doesn’t matter what product, nor the geographical span of your sales, if you plan on business success, it is crucial that you prioritise your SEO. However, it is not always as easy as it seems to get it right. It is extremely important that your SEO is done correctly as it could be detrimental to your business if it isn’t, selecting a leading Manchester SEO agency ensures that you end up with good quality, effective Search Engine Optimisation. We know that businesses in Manchester require specific SEO services and as leaders in the SEO industry this is exactly the area we can help you with.

Our Manchester SEO AGENCY

Solving The Puzzle

Google ranks your website using an algorithm of roughly two hundred elements. This is why it can be hard for business owners to understand how to get SEO spot on by themselves. There are simply too many alternatives for most people to consider and cover thoroughly if trying to implement their own SEO strategy. If this is the case for you then you are not alone and as an experienced agency offering the SEO Manchester businesses need, we can help.

Putting You On The Map

Our digital marketing and optimisation services can be made to measure, as we recognise that our clients are all unique and that a ‘one size fits all service’ just does not cut it. Therefore we will look closely at your requirement and build a solution around it. As a specialist SEO agency Manchester based clients can trust to deliver the highest levels of services, we know the businesses we work with will be happy with the results we achieve.

SEO Service That Works

Being a digital marketing agency that delivers the SEO Machester businesses require means really getting to know our customers’ needs and working to develop an optimisation plan that ensures it more than fulfills their requirements. As a specialist SEO service in Manchester, we don’t only target a local audience but develop optimisation strategies that will bring traffic to your site no matter if your target clients are based around the corner, nationally or globally.

Our SEO Services


Keyword Research

Selecting the effective keywords and using them correctly is key to success when it comes to an effective SEO plan. We ensure that use of keywords is well balanced within the strategy and we research the terms that your potential customers are using so that they are as effective as possible.

High Quality Linkbuilding

Our link building strategies, sometimes called off page SEO, ensure that your site has a natural-looking link profile with good quality, relevant links that ensure the results are not short-lived. By using links that have authority it can really help to boost your site in the search engine results pages.

Google Optimisation

Google business listings are an excellent way to reach a local market place. Showing you how to make the best of Google listings, ensuring they are verified and optimised as well as being set up correctly are all part of the services our SEO team offer.

On-page Optimisation

Getting the right balance of keyword optimisation to show Google what the content of your site’s pages are about is a fine art. This is a key part of our technical SEO because it’s essential that On-page Optimisation like this communicates with Google in the right way in order to achieve a good ranking.

Google Search Console

We will ensure that Google Search Console tools are set up correctly and help you to understand how the data they provide can be used to improve your technical SEO. By using these services you will be giving yourself access to a wealth of knowledge about your sites internet presence.

Social Media Marketing

Making the most of social media platforms is key to a good SEO campaign. Our services ensure you have a good social media presence; that the profiles are set up correctly and we also show you how to build on them so they work for you effectively.

Content Creation

Ensuring your site is filled with great quality content helps to ensure your visitors are converted and (with good on page SEO) that your web pages speak effectively to the search engines. Our SEO strategies include ensuring you know how to get your content to work best for you.

Google Analytics

Being in the know about your site’s traffic is invaluable information when it comes to marketing. We can ensure that Google Analytics is set up properly and that you can make great use of the information it provides about your search performance when making decisions.

Local Search Optimisation

When it comes to ranking well for local searches, it’s not just about links. Tap into the Local SEO expertise of one of the leading Manchester SEO agencies to make sure that you make use of all the resources out there that will help you reach the customers that are close by.

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