CASE STUDY - Specialist Marketing Agency

In this Case Study, we look at how we took a specialist marketing agency in a competitive niche from ranking on the 4th page of the search results for their main keyword and getting no traffic and leads, to ranking 1st for the same term – all in just 10 months.


We were originally recommended to this agency by a client they were working with who we had previously completed a successful SEO project for.

The agency was operating in a specialist, highly-competitive niche in London, but with poor organic rankings for the most appropriate search terms, they were almost purely reliant on pro-active business development for new leads and business.

With little to no organic traffic driving leads and new business, the client was looking for an SEO project that could deliver improved rankings, increased traffic, more leads and a positive ROI.


The first challenge with the project came from the fact the client was operating a one page, scrolling website which limited the opportunities for optimising the site for a wide variety of search topics.

We decided to focus on the client’s marquee search terms and ’theme’ the website accordingly, in order to improve the chances of successfully achieving the top rankings for these terms.

Even with this targeted strategy, the competitive nature of the client’s niche meant that achieving the project’s objectives could still be a medium to long term project.

As the client’s primary focus was on generating business in London, we decided to incorporate a Local SEO project, with the aim of ranking their Google My Business profile on the map rankings for their target search term.

This would offer a short to medium term opportunity to start developing leads and new business and start working towards providing a positive ROI for the project as soon as possible.


With the strategy in place, we completed a full audit of the client’s site in order to ensure the technical and on-page optimisation provided the best foundation for the upcoming SEO project.

Alongside the website optimisation, we also focused our attention on their Google My Business profile.

Their GMB profile was optimised to increase its standalone relevance for the target search term and also work with the website optimisation to present a combined focus on the target terms that would benefit both the organic and map rankings.


With a solid foundation of a well-optimised website and Google My Business profile, the focus of the ongoing project became about developing the client’s backlink profile.

The development of links from high-quality, relevant website would be necessary to develop the site’s authority and ability to rank for the most competitive search terms.

This was achieved using the expertise of our in-house research and outreach team, to ensure we encouraged links to the website that would ensure the success of the project.

As well as developing the backlink profile for the website, the authority of the GMB profile was improved though the creation of the most appropriate citations for the business.


So, how did the project go? We think this quote from the client says it best.

“Now we sit first on Google for a number of key search terms we were working on and still growing on secondary words. Our inbound leads have increased and we have more credibility as an agency.”

Within just 2 months we were able to rank the client’s GMB profile in the map pack for their main search term.

Google My Business Ranking Improvement

In just 10 months, we were also able to achieve the top organic ranking for the client’s main search term.

Google Main Term Ranking Improvement

Not only that, we also achieved top rankings for two, more competitive, secondary terms – in both the organic and map results.

Google Primary Terms Ranking Improvement

More importantly, and something all our SEO projects are focused on achieving, these top rankings drove more traffic and increased new leads for the client – with the added benefit of improving their visibility in a competitive sector.

SEO Project Lifetime Organic Traffic Improvement


“All our goals have been achieved and we are now looking to grow further in other areas.”

Moving forward, despite having achieved the client’s objectives, we continue to work with them to maintain their position.

Because of the way we work they can be confident in their long term rankings, safe in the knowledge that our approach not only survives the regular Google updates, but actually benefits from them, as you can see in the graphs above.

We are also exploring new avenues for additional traffic generation and lead development with them, and a recent content marketing project to develop their blog now drives almost as much traffic as their main rankings.

If your website could benefit from a proven approach to SEO that delivers improved rankings, better traffic and, more importantly, increased leads for your business, our SEO packages could be the answer.

Whatever your business, and whatever your online objectives for it, we are confident we can provide an SEO project that will help achieve them – just look at the final feedback from the client in this Case Study:

“Very impressed with the whole process – communication, expertise, results…
Highly recommended over anyone else we have worked with.”

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