Whatever your level of SEO understanding, you probably have some appreciation of the fact that on of the best ways to rank higher for any particular search terms, is to build links to your site from other websites. Most SEO experts would agree that backlinks play an important part in where you site ranks in the search engines. But what if you’ve been building links to your site and you’re still not seeing any benefits from it?

In the past, it might have been the case that the more backlinks you got the better, but these days it’s much more sophisticated than that, because Google, and the other search engines, have become a lot more sophisticated. So what if you’re not seeing any results from the links you’ve been building? Why aren’t your links working? Well, thankfully Moz’s Rand Fishkin has taken a look at some of the main reasons why you’re not benefiting from your backlinks.

If you don’t think you’re getting the right links to your site, get in touch with us and we’ll see if what we do could help.

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