When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, a lot of businesses assume that getting more traffic to their website is all about improving their rankings in the search results. The higher you rank, the more traffic your site is likely top get, and the more sales you’re likely to make. To a certain extent, this is true, but there are also other ways of maximising the traffic you get from the search engines.

Most businesses are probably used to measuring conversions on their websites – so they understand that a certain volume of visitors to the site will lead to a certain number of enquiries, which should in turn lead to a certain number of sales. But understanding and maximising your conversions before your visitors even reach your site, can have significant benefits when it comes to your traffic.

This concept is probably nothing new to most companies who are familiar with SEO, as pretty much everything you do as part of any SEO project, is geared towards converting as many searches to visitors as possible. From choosing the right keywords to rank for so you’re as relevant to the searcher’s query as possible, to making sure your listing in the search results ‘sells’ your business or product, in order to get the searcher to click through to your site, rather than anyone else’s.

Improving your rankings can increase your traffic, but optimising everything else you do, so as to convert more searchers to visitors, can also increase the amount of traffic you get, without your rankings changing at all – plus, it’s usually a lot easier.

As well as getting the SEO basics right in order to convert as many searchers as possible, there are other things you can do. Thanks to Google’s introduction of ‘rich snippets’ and the various categories of structured data you can now incorporate into your website (and your search listings), you have more opportunity to stand out and increase your conversions. Something we’ve been trying with our clients, is the inclusion of their reviews in their search listings. You can see an example of this below for our site.


By adding some simple code to our clients’ sites, we’re able to not only display their ratings on their website, but also encourage Google to show these ratings in their listing in the search results. Think about it, if you were looking at a page of typical search results, but one of the listings was also showing that they had 5 star reviews, wouldn’t you give that listing a little more attention, even if it wasn’t necessarily the top ranking site?

We’re hoping to look at analysing the impact these rich snippets have on conversions at some point in the future, but at the moment, the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that they can increase conversions and traffic, and are a great way of getting more people to your site while you’re working on improving your rankings. If you’d be interested in having your reviews show up in your listing in the search results, or any of our other SEO services, just click here to fill out an enquiry form.

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