The Grapefruit’s SEO services are set to reach new heights over the coming months, as we welcome our latest client, the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company (KCC) – one of the leading providers of tours and treks in and around Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Climbing Company

Based in Tanzania and the UK, KCC cater for individuals, groups and organisations, looking to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain, with many years experience organising mountain expeditions on Kilimanjaro. Whether it’s for charity, or just for the challenge, KCC handle ever aspect of what is nothing short of an amazing experience – with an emphasis on providing a safe, ethical and environmentally sound adventure for all their clients.

At Grapefruit Marketing, we know that having an amazing offering that people are looking for, along with a fascinating website that provides them with a wealth of information, isn’t always the key to success on the Internet. But it’s certainly a great start, and we’re excited to work with organisations like this, to help them achieve their true potential online, and put them in front of their ideal customers.

With charity challenges becoming ever more popular, KCC wanted to develop their presence on the Internet, and make more people aware of the life-changing experience their Kilimanjaro treks provide. Grapefruit Marketing will be working with KCC in a number of different ways, to help them reach a wider audience, and increase the number of adventure travellers who get to enjoy Kilimanjaro and Tanzania, and everything they have to offer.

For more information about the Kilimanjaro Climbing Company, you can visit their website – You’ll find a wealth of information and just about everything you need to know if you’re thinking of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, including the best way to get in touch with Simon if you’re ready to go from just thinking about it to actually planning your trip of a lifetime.

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